Nepal Federation of indigenous Nationalities

Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) is an autonomous and the one and only representative umbrella organization of the 59 indigenous nationalities or peoples, recognized by the government of Nepal. It was established in 1991. NEFIN currently consists of 56 distinct indigenous member organizations widely distributed across Nepal. There is a federal council where 1 woman and 1 man represent their own member organization. NEFIN is composed of 21 portfolio members of the secretariat of the federal council (the board) with a minimum of 33 percent of women representation through the election process every three years.

It has national and international chapters or networks.  There is Province Coordination Councils (PCCs), District Coordination Councils (DDCs), Local Level Councils (LCCs) which includes Metropolitan Cities (Mahanagarpalika), Sub-Metropolitan Cities (Upa-Mahanagarpalika), Municipalities (Nagarpalika), Village Executives or Rural Municipalities (Gaunpalika), and Ward Coordination Councils (WCCs).

Along with this, it has affiliated 8 different indigenous federations (such as journalists, youth, students, women, lawyers, filmmakers, disable, and labor), and 23 international chapters in different countries.

Chairman's Voice


हाम्रो उद्देश्य


The key objective of NEFIN is
to fight for indigenous peoples’ rights and identity.